Merry Christmas at Case-Barlow Farm

When I was approached by the amazing photographer, Lauren Michelle from Baby Photo Love to style the barn at Barlow, I was more than happy to say yes!

Why you say? Well the history of the barn and this lovely community dates way back 203 years as well as many outings and memories my family and I have at this location.

A little history on the barn...

The farm was founded in 1814. Five consecutive generations ran the dairy farm. When the kids on the farm did not want to stay on the farm, Don Barlow gave the property to his church in 1995. The farm was destined for demolition when some folks in town formed a non-profit group to save the buildings. The City of Hudson put a ballot measure to the voters to buy the acreage for parks, which the voters did.

Case-Barlow Farm, Inc. is an independent nonprofit corporation. It was formed in an effort to restore the homestead and foster future generations to have an appreciation for the spirit and heritage of its builders. Case-Barlow Farm, Inc. is ran by all volunteers who do everything from cleaning the buildings, organizing events. The farm house is currently available for private parties, offsite business meetings, etc. Case-Barlow Farm, Inc. is listed on the Ohio Historical Inventory, has received recognition by the Hudson Historical Society and is a designated Underground Railroad by the Friends of Freedom Society.

To all the 70 Beautiful families...

Thank you for making this day so special and helping with the restoration of the barn. We could not be more grateful at the outcome and how much it will help with the future of the barn.

To all the Volunteers....

This event could not have been possible without all the volunteers who helped create this magic. The committee for orchestrating such a fun event. Ben, Barbara, Linda, just to name a few. Baby Photo Love for taking these stunning photos so families could meet with Santa and cherish those memories forever. To Suburban Sit for lending us all the furniture and décor pieces so we at Little Miss Party Planner could style such a magical space for the children. To all the other vounteers, Thank You!

The Future...

We are so excited to announce that Little Miss Party Planner and ARG Custom Build will be playing a big role in the coming future to help with the restoration of the barn and turn this beautiful piece of history into an Event Venue! Yes, you heard it right, you will be able to rent this venue for weddings, parties and more! We were so excited when we were asked personally to be a part of this and we cant wait to host your next event at the barn. Yay!

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