Styled Sessions

I wanted to take this opportunity and explain why we at Little Miss Party Planner do styled sessions.

The why?

It gives us creatives an opportunity to be creative, express our taste and promote our brands.

We work along side other vendors in the industry to bring that vision to life and work together as a community.

Why I do it?

I have about a million ideas going on in my head at all times. I get inspired by colors, seasons and trends and although we have amazing clients who trust us to design weddings and events, at the end of the day that is their wedding and we do everything to bring their vision to life. In styled sessions that we design and style we get to use our vision, our taste that coincides with our brand.

How it helps the industry...

You may have come across a blog or editorial in a magazine and think to yourself, Wow! That's gorgeous! Must have cost a fortune!

Well most of those pintrest weddings that sometimes end up in magazines were just that, a styled session. It doesn't have to be huge and cost a million. We all worked together to bring that vision to life and at the end of the day helps our vendors.

How it helps our fellow vendors...

Well you see a beautiful photo of a bridal bouquet in these photos and you instantly fall in love. You end up calling the vendor and booking them as your wedding florist.

We love helping our industry community and by bringing them along for a session could lead them to bookings and more.

The Process...

Typically a wedding planner or stylist comes up with the idea and orchestrates the entire process. From start to finish, coming up with a concept, designing and reaching out to vendors who may be interested in taking part. Sometimes we have model calls for people to be in it, but most of the time it might just be the vendors involved who end up in the photos.

The Photographer...

My dear friend from Baby Photo Love has been so generous in shooting all our styled sessions. Having a photographer shoot your set is very important because we all worked so hard to put something so beautiful together that a picture speaks a thousands words. You could shoot yourself or hire a professional. In our case we always go with a professional for big sessions because they are able to capture the scene in the best light and there for the styled session could end up in popular blogs or even in magazines, getting lots of attention.

Want to be a part of our next session?

Reach out to us here and we will be in touch with you soon.


Adalyn Rose & Co.

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